Bridal, Wedding and Anniversary Balloons

18 inch Bridal, Wedding and Anniversary Mylar Balloons

18 inch Bridal, Wedding or Anniversary Mylar balloons each have a unique color scheme to help bring your party to life. Each of our Bridal, Wedding or Anniversary Mylar balloons can be used as part of a balloon centerpiece that can add a unique element to any party.

Prices include helium. Contact Our Balloon Specialists Today, to place your order!

Looking for a special balloon? We can custom order for you! Contact your local Cedarhurst Party to see how we can help you find what you’re looking for!


*Cancellations and/or changes accepted only up to 4 hours prior to pickup time. Any changes of time, date or quantity must be done in person, not over the phone. Cedarhurst Party is not responsible for balloons popped or damage to mylars if the customer brings in their own balloons. A $1.00 and up charge for balloons not purchased in our stores to be inflated with helium, depending on the size of the balloon.