The Customer comes first

The Customer comes first

Cedarhurst Party always goes above and beyond for our customers. We had a customer visit our Patchogue, New York store and we had to share her story.

CustomerServiceA customer came into our Patchogue, New York store and asked if we had a “Red Carpet” themed pattern for her daughter’s birthday party. One of our Sales Associates replied, “We do! You can find our selection at the end of aisle 7 on your right.”  The customer continues to shop and fills her shopping cart with tableware, decorations, cut outs, other matching accessories. She then proceeds to check out.

As she was checking out, she told our Vice President of Sales, “I’m so glad you guys had these party supplies!” After our VP of Sales responded Thank you, and then asked why. The customer began to tell us that she visited Party City about three weeks ago and ordered invitations to the party. She went back there to purchase the rest of the coordinating party supplies. When the customer went arrived their section of “Lights, Camera, Action” was missing. She thought they had moved the merchandise. She asked to speak to a manager. He explained that they pack up themed merchandise to make room for Halloween.  The customer was shocked that not only did the manager not apologize, but the manager wasn’t concerned that they didn’t have what she needed.

After telling our VP of sales this story, she simply told her, “If a customer comes into our store and needs Christmas decorations in the month of July, we unpack the merchandise. Valentines Day tableware in October? We pull out the merchandise and show them what we have in storage! Our customer’s needs are our priority!”