Change of Seasons

Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn…

Don’t you love when the seasons change? It’s like a gradual new beginning that brings with it new experiences and a fresh perspective. I’ve always thought that the things or experiences in our lives are just like seasons. Certain seasons last longer than others. Some seasons are dark & make us feel like we aren’t going to be able to see the sun.

Then there is Autumn.

Autumn is in a category all by itself. I love trees. I love their ability to withstand wind & the rain. The summer is the time for flowers to shine. To bloom and be able to smell their freshness. But autumn is the time for trees to shine. Leaves change into these bright vibrant reds & oranges. They grow tall and even when their leaves fall off you can appreciate the grander of them.

Cedarhurst Party is kind of like a tree. We have been serving the communities we are surrounded by for over 35 years. Through hurricanes & storms we have stood tall. Through competition stores popping up in the towns near us we have held our own. We also change with the seasons, you can walk through any of our four stores on Long Island and find them changing from Summer to Autumn. Luau to Harvest. Grass Skirts to Scarecrows.

We have everything you need to change the season of your home to embrace the change it brings.